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How to Learn German Fast: Quick Note!

How to Learn German Fast: Quick Note!

I have had a great day today. I submitted my honours thesis and it has been one long hard ride for me, writing about Loss Aversion. It was nice to hear that if I had been able to correct for the biases and the generated regressor problem, my paper would have been of publishable standard. That's very nice! :)

However, I am here on my German language site, not to talk about that, but to talk about my leaving the German Language Society! :)

Last Thursday, we held elections for the German Society. I have been a member of it for 4 years - 4 long years - and was General Secretary and then President. We voted. And the results came out. And then I handed over my stuff and SOP books and responsibilities to the next President. How time flies!

A personal note/ message follows (I promise I will get back to conjugating verbs on this German language blog):

Special thanks to my current EXCO and subcommittee members. It was great working with all of you in our German club activities: Stammtisch, movie screenings, German learning sessions and SEP Sharing Sessions!

Special thanks to all the friends I made in the German Society and thank you for always showing me support and care!

And above all, good luck to my friends Rachel and YJ who will be leading the Society to greater heights. Good luck for German Day!

Boy, am I longwinded :)

But it's perfectly fine since today's the day I bound my thesis and got everything ready for handing in; and last Thursday I was no longer President of the German Society I love so very much.

Thanks to all the loyal readers who keep coming back to my German learning site although I've been busy with my thesis! Thank you as well.

Thanks and cheers!!

How to Learn German Fast - well, this is just a quick and personal note.

I have been receiving many comments on my German language learning site that are not about German, nor about languages, nor about any other thing related to my topic of interest here.

Recently, I've been receiving spam comments from Chinese readers and also comments that lead my readers to advertising sites that are - well - distasteful. Apparently there has been a great influx of Chinese websites offering erm... extra services from sweet girls, let's call it that. I've nothing against people from China. I am in fact Straits born Chinese. But I will remove any stupid comments from come from Chinese blogs or China websites that take advantage of my blog for advertisements, for linking, and for all that sort of thing.

Please only drop me comments that you'd be proud to post; drop me comments that would not make your grandmother blush; and please, don't spam. Thank you very much! I love to hear nice compliments and beautiful comments, as well as other ideas on how to learn German and materials that could potentially help other readers from all around the world, whether Chinese, American or even German. Thank you!

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