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How to learn German fast - simple German phrases 3

How to learn German fast - simple German phrases 3

Here are the other two sections on How to Learn German Fast on simple German phrases for memorisation and learning.

Remember to use the language learning and revision techniques and language learning skills in order to master the new vocabulary and phrases introduced. These posts in this series are for beginners who need to acquire a basic command of the language and not for experts or advanced learners of German. For intermediate learners or students who have learnt German for some while, this series will be an invaluable revision opportunity for revising German.

In this post, I will be covering the most important and the hardest basic phrases and words. This means that there are many basics to know, and these words and phrases here that you should memorise and learn are the hardest German language words and German language phrases of this series.

The three topics to be dealt with are: shopping phrases and vocabulary, getting around phrases and vocabulary, and miscellaneous words and phrases.

German language: Shopping phrases and vocabulary

Ich moechte...
I would like....

Kann ich Ihnen helfen?
Can I help you (offer of service from the salesman to the customer)?

Sonderangebot! Reduziert!
Special offer! Reduced prices!

Das ist zu teuer.
That is too expensive.

Nehmen Sie Kreditkarten?
Do you take credit cards?

Ich nehme es/ ihn/ sie.
I will take it.

Bitte/ Danke.
Please/ Thank you.

die Kasse

auf Wiedersehen!

German language: Getting around phrases and vocabulary


links/ rechts
left/ right

Entschuldigen Sie, wie komme ich zum/ zur ...
Excuse me, how do I get to the ...

Post/ Platz/ Flughafen/ Bahn
Post office/ Place (park)/ Airport/ Station

U Bahn/ S Bahn
U station/ S station

Gehen Sie geradeaus, und dann links.
Go straight, and then make a left.

Gehen Sie geradeaus, und dann rechts.
Go straight, and then make a right.

Tut mir Leid, ich habe keine Ahnung.
Sorry, I have no idea.

Ich weiss nicht/ Das weiss ich leider nicht.
I don't know/ I don't know, sorry.

(To get around, you can always use this German phrase or this quick start phrase ...
Entschuldigen Sie, koennten Sie mir bitte helfen?
Excuse me, could you please help me?)

German language: Miscellaneous,
to be used in conjunction with the other two sections learnt today as well as the other two posts in this series on learning words and phrases.

Other German words that you may need to know, or that are good to know:

essen to eat
trinken to drink
Das Essen Food
Milch Milk
Bier Beer
Das Wasser Water
Das Hotel hotel
Kaffee/ Tea coffee/ tea
Information information counter
Achtung! Attention/ Alert!
Zimmer frei room available
Rauchen Verboten smoking banned
Eingang/ Ausgang entrance/ exit

Sprechen Sie Englisch?
Do you speak English?

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch.
Do you speak German? I speak a little German.

Tut mir Leid.
I am sorry.


Just for reference, I have also included the top twenty German verbs that I wrote about earlier in another post on learning, here on How to Learn German Fast. Here again are the top twenty German verbs, in my own opinion, that you may need to know of.

The top twenty verbs that you will need to appear fluent in German, or to pretend to be good in German, for that matter :)

1. sein to be
2. haben to have
3. muessen must
4. sollen should
5. duerfen allowed/ should
6. essen eat
7. gehen go
8. fahren drive
9. hoeren listen
10. sprechen speak
11. kommen come
12. denken think
13. sehen see (however, the Germans like to say gucken see)
14. lesen read
15. glauben believe
16. bleiben stay
17. wohnen stay someplace
18. trinken drink
19. sagen say
20. laufen walk/run

This concludes the basic and introductory phrases course of German, here on my language learning site. The German language, just like many other languages, has its basics, and then later on you can learn and master the harder phrases and vocabulary.

All the best, and I hope I helped you with the basics of German and some easy phrases. For advanced learners of German or intermediate learners, hope these refreshed your memory and helped you revise a little bit. Cheers!

Learn how to learn a language!

How to learn German fast - simple German phrases 2

How to learn German fast - simple German phrases 2

In the last post here on How to Learn German Fast, I gave some simple German phrases to do with Greetings in German, numbers in German, and days and months in German. Now, in the second part of the "simple German phrases" series, I introduce more important phrases in German to help you get a general idea of some more basic language phrases and structures in German. Bear in mind that this is a website mainly for learning how to learn a language learning system, and this language learning system specialises in how to learn German fast and effectively, while still enjoyably. If you want to learn a language learning system that enables you to learn German fast and enjoyably, my system is what I recommend and preach here on this site. My language learning system can be used to learn most languages, and is particularly effective for learning German fast and enjoyably in particular.

I must stress that what I teach here, in terms of German language phrases and words, does not replace your German courses. It is not enough to learn German just knowing a few words and phrases here and there. You should look around for additional German courses and additional German sites and language learning programmes if you are serious about picking up German, and you know your language learning goals and so on. Motivation, self actualisation, initiative and much more are all very much part of your own personal education and personal self development. For advanced and hardcore German learning in terms of technical terms and technical German at a high level or advanced language level, look around and research on other avenues of learning. If, however, you wish to know and learn some conversational German, my series of simple German phrases will assist you greatly and give you some basic understanding. Have fun in learning German and here are the basic German phrases for this post:

More basic German words and phrases, continued from the last post

German words and phrases for relationships and knowing people

Ich heisse...
I am called...

Frau/ Herr
Mrs or Miss/ Mr

Wie heissen Sie?
What is your name?

Wie heisst Du?
What is your name (informal)?

Wie geht es Ihnen? Wie geht es Dir?
How are you? (formal and informal German)

Ich komme aus ...
I come from ...

Australien/ Europa/ Grossbritannien/ die USA/ Singapur/ China/ Japan
Australia, Europe, the UK, the USA, Singapore, China, Japan

Ich bin ___ Jahre alt.
I am ___ years old.

Wann haben Sie Geburtstag? Wann hast du Geburtstag?
When is your birthday?

Ich bin in _______ geboren.
I was born in ________.

Sind Sie verheiratet? Sind Sie single?
Are you married? Are you single?

Ich mag _________
I like/ enjoy doing ______________

Fussball/ Tennis/ Sport/ Klavier spielen, und so weiter
Football, tennis, sport, playing the piano, and so on

Colours in the German language

weiss white
schwarz black
rot red
gelb yellow
blau blue
grau grey
orange orange
braun brown
hell light
dunkel dark
hellblau light blue

Question words in the German language

Wo where?
Wann when?
Warum why?
Was what?
Wer who?
Wie how?
Wieviel how much?

The weather in German - basic German weather words and phrases

Es ist sonnig
It is sunny

Es ist kalt
It is cold

Es ist heiss
It is hot

Es regnet
It rains

Es ist windig
It is windy

Es ist neblig
It is foggy

Das Wetter
the weather

Remember to refresh your memory and re read the previous post with other basic words and phrases that you need to learn and know. Bear in mind that learning a language involves repetition, revision, recitation, overlearning and other principles of learning that have been already covered in this language blog. In the next post on How to Learn German Fast, I will do more advanced phrases involving shopping, getting around and the key skills and ideas that need to be learnt while learning any language, German included. Stay tuned for more German phrases and German language learning here!

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How to learn German fast - simple German phrases 1

How to learn German fast - simple German phrases 1

In this site, I teach how to learn German fast and effectively using a system to learn languages. A simple glance around will see many articles on language learning, memorisation, German language skills, tips and ideas, and the like. This language learning system can be effectively applied to learning any language, and here is the link that you should be visiting here, if you want to have an overview of an effective language learning system that helps you learn German fast and enjoyably:

I have a travel blog called Tour and See the World, and I have visited Germany already. There are several requests for German tips, German travel tips, German culture and German language tips and the like, and so I have decided to give a series here on How to Learn German Fast on simple German phrases that most travellers and language learners should know. For beginners, this might be quite tough, but try your very best to learn. For intermediate language learners, this might be relatively easy, but do take it as revision, and besides overlearning is one of the key principles of language learning. For advanced German language learners, you may actually skip this section and instead review and revise the language learning system that I advocate here on this site.

Simple German phrases that you need to know (German - English)

NB The German language is pronounced exactly as the words are spelt, so with a basic command of the German language alphabet, one is able to pronounce almost anything that is German. It is really that simple, and the hardest aspect of the learning is learning the sounds of the alphabet at first.

Greetings and Simple phrases in German:

Guten Tag! Guten Morgen! Guten Abend! Gute Nacht!
Good day! Good morning! Good evening! Good night!

Es tut mir Leid.
I am sorry.

Entschuldigung/ Entschuldigen Sie!
Excuse me!

Wie geht es Ihnen? Wie geht's dir?
How are you (formal and informal)?


Please and welcome.

Hence: "Danke!" and you answer "Bitte."

Ich verstehe nicht.
I cannot understand.

Ich kann ein bisschen Deutsch.
I know a bit of German.

Ich weiss nicht.
I don't know.

Ja/ Nein
Yes/ No

German numbers and numerals:
eins 1
zwei 2
drei 3
vier 4
funf (there is an umlaut above the U) 5
sechs 6
sieben 7
acht 8
neun 9
zehn 10
elf 11
zwolf (there is an umlaut above the O) 12
dreizehn 13
vierzehn 14
funfzehn (there is an umlaut above the U) 15
sechszehn 16
siebzehn 17
achtzehn 18
neunzehn 19
zwanzig 20

German language: Days of the week

German language: Months of the year
das Jahr the year
der Monat the month

More to come on German words and German phrases in the next post in How to learn German fast! I am having a series on German quick start phrases and simple German phrases and this is only the first post on this series. More will come soon.

Do remember to look around this language learning site and read all about my German language learning system, and learn for yourself how to learn a language effectively and enjoyably here. Thank you.

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