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How to learn German fast part 9

How to learn German fast part 9

You've finally learnt German - how do you maintain your German standards or how/where do you continue from here?

(Also: tips and good ideas on how to take examinations)

You've finally learnt German and mastered it to your own satisfaction according to your needs and your timings, if you have followed my system on how to learn German. Just to do a simple and very quick recap of my system on how to learn German fast and enjoyably, here are the key points that we have covered in my learning language course:

1. you first decided for yourself what "fast" and what "learn German" meant to your own satisfaction, and why you were going to learn German and for what purposes and intentions, and whether or not you were going to do it to a high level

2. secondly, you then learnt the basic grammar - you learnt the grammar because the grammar means the rules that the language is based on, and how it operates, and that is the fundamental part of German

3. thirdly, you then learnt some basic vocabulary, to flesh out the grammar with words and words and then more words...

4. forthly, you learnt and memorised some quick start phrases and some common things that you can always say in any situation - simple and key phrases that everyone should know... and you also learnt how to memorise the words to make them last in your long term memory

5. fifthly, you learnt and memorised all the advanced grammar and the needed vocabulary for your purposes and can speak German fluently and rather accurately (note that by this stage, even if you do make some mistakes when speaking the language, you have already come a long way from knowing nothing about the German language to being able to speak some basic phrases confidently and knowing a lot of grammar and vocabulary pertinent to your own personal purposes)

6. sixth, you did online courses or did online learning, either paid or free courses, both formal and informal learning or classes, and in terms of formal German and informal colloquial German

7. seventh, you did a lot of fun stuff to further improve your German skills and your language abilities

8. you prepared for an examination that you were supposed to take, ensuring that it was an examination that has good and high standards and that is well recognised

9. you can now speak German and are going to learn here on this blog how to continue and where to go from here.

But before that, I promised some examination tips, so here they are for you to improve your language examination taking skills:

1. Always find out the rubric of the examination early and in advance.

2. If it is a language test that is standardised, make sure you do as many practice questions that you can find.

3. Always visit the website or any online course, as that might give you an added advantage.

4. All good language examinations, either the Testdaf or TELC will always have a verbal/oral component, written component, listening component and a reading comprehension component, for that is the basis of language examinations... so prepare for those sections. Are you better at reading? Then focus more on writing. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Do you speak well but cannot listen to what others say? What can you do, and what can you do better?

5. Go beyond. This is the simplest and best tip. What this means that if the test has a need for you to know about politics or writing on statistics, don't be contented knowing a bit. Know all about German politics, German politicians, ideas and everything in German about political systems and political economy. For statistics, don't be contented with a mere "this is increasing/ decreasing", but memorise more phrases that you can throw into an exam paper with confidence.

6. Have faith and confidence in my language learning system and in your own abilities. Think about all the postive and good times that you had learning German and how you have improved and how you can improve further. See the test or examination in a positive light and have faith in your own test taking abilities.

7. Have common sense - like bringing your proper equipment and stationery to the test, having enough sleep, not drinking too much or partying the night or even a few days before, spending equal times on equal parts of the paper, not panicking about not knowing everything on the examination and the like, etc. Don't take risks during your examination - it's time to show the examiners how good and how fluent you are in German and what you have learnt.

There are many things you can do with your German and many ways to maintain your language abilities. Note once again that all the tips and knowledge that I have with respect to learning German also apply to mastering French, Spanish, Chinese and all other languages. This means also that the following tips can also enhance other languages apart from German.

To maintain and keep your skills and abilities in German you might want to do the following:

You may want to finally visit Germany or stay there so as to use your newfound fluent linguistic skills.

You may want to do another examination in German so as to ride on your initial successes. Try another course; try another examination that is different and has a more professional backing to it, perhaps, rather than a purely language / linguistic examination?

You can continue to do fun stuff like watching anime, watching TV Total, Ehrensenf, Der Spiegel und so weiter; you don't have to stop learning. Learning and experiencing German on the net can be a very good experience and very fun yet educational.

Talk as much as you can to people who are learning German or who know German or who are German. You can impress and improve at the same time. Impress them, and improve your German. You can make friends along the way too.

Use German as much as you can and in any other creative way that you can think of. Perhaps read this blog again to see what you might have missed.

All in all, I do hope that you have had a great time learning how to learn a language in general and German in particular, and do continue to improve and keep on learning and developing.

In later posts here on this blog I shall be giving more tips on various scenarios, and more on Germany. Culture, history, language tips, ideas, and more, all to come on my how to learn German fast blog. Stay tuned for more entertaining and educational posts! Thanks for reading and cheers. 

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