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How to learn German fast!

Welcome to my website: "how to learn German fast"!

Hallo, und Herzlich Willkommen!

Welcome to this website How to Learn German Fast here. Thanks for being here. I am the writer and editor, and I can speak fluent English, German, and Mandarin and am currently learning French. If you have come to visit my German learning website, it is a high chance that you

1. speak German already

2. want to learn how to speak German

3. want to learn how to learn languages in general

4. speak a bit of German but want to accelerate your learning and learn some German of an intermediate level, or

5. you got lost in the World Wide Web... I mean, who hasn't gotten lost here in this big place, once in a while? :)  Just kidding. 

Well, you've come here to the right place! I will be sharing my ideas with you and how I learnt German. For people who can already speak German, you shouldn't be coming here to learn how to learn German, and I have an English language website which can be found on the sidebar on the right, or can be accessed here:

The thing is, there are two key ideas for this blog: one, how to learn German. And two, how to learn it fast.

In addition, there are two key questions that you should ask yourself before embarking on this herculean/easy/simple/long task.

Firstly, what does "learn German" mean? Does it mean a simple command, or does it mean mastering the language to a high level? Does it mean perfect grammar and correctly conjugated verbs, or does it simple mean basic or good grammar and verbs that carry some meaning, although conjugated wrongly at times? Does it mean simple business communication, or does it mean leisure communication? I feel that it is important for you to decide.

Secondly, what does "fast" mean? Some books and online courses tell you that you can learn German in weeks. That's fast. Learning German fast could also mean one month to get a basic understanding; learning German fast could also mean doing it for one year in order to communicate fluently; learning German fast could mean mastering the entire language in, say, 4 to 5 years (as opposed to some native speakers who spend their whole lives mastering the entire language, from literature to culture to Germanistik to obsolete poets before Goethe. I do feel that you as a person will have to decide for yourself before embarking on a course that you want to do.

In my next post, I will be writing, here on this website, important reasons why you should learn German. Of course, it is my happy experience that people who want to learn German, or in the case of my website here, people like yourself who want to learn German quickly, already know why they want to learn German. That post on good "Reasons to Learn German" will be to encourage those who are sitting on the fence to join me and read my ideas and recommendations, so that based on my suggestions they can find the right courses, modules, and right course of action for themselves.

Please note that this blog is not a substitute for any language programmes, it certainly won't allow you to pass the testdaf in one go, it certainly won't help you do well for that German examination you're due to take in one month, etc. It is to augment your studies, and hopefully connect you correctly to learning German fast and efficiently. You will learn German fluently, efficiently, and enjoyably if you stick to my programme.

All my advice and suggestions are free, of course, but you may also want to visit my other blogs/ websites/ webpages to see my other interests and other ideas on various diverse topics.

My personal blog, just for laughs I guess?

Finally, thank you very much for visiting my website here, I am sure that you will succeed in learning German fast if you put your mind to it and follow the suggestions and ideas that I have for learning this beautiful and sometimes very inscrutable and apparently impenetrable language.

All the best for your language learning, and welcome once again to
How to learn German fast - the best website on the web for this topic.

(At least, that's what I'd definitely say, being the author ;) )

Cheers! Herzlich Willkommen :)

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