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Notice: how to learn German fast

Notice on "how to learn German fast"

This is an important notice, by the way: I am in no way replacing your formal German courses or replacing formal education. I am also in now way able to replace your search for good quality German courses or any language courses for that matter. I am here to teach and suggest to you methods of learning German fast. So, I will be really honest with you and say that while you will be getting a lot of

Testdaf tips,
Spiegel Online tips,
learning language tips,
studying for examination tips,
which German shows and TV programmes are the best for learning,
how to pick a good German course,
how to pick a good language teacher,
and other related stuff like that, which are complementary to German courses,

you won't be getting much in the way of Dativ, Akkusativ, Nominativ, Genitiv, and all those sort of stuff. Yes, it is true that I will refer to them occasionally and by the by. But the focus of this blog is: how to learn German, and in particular, how to learn German fast, and even more specifically, my system of learning German fast and enjoyably. It's nothing to do with grammar, although you can possibly find language grammar programmes through other websites that offer those programmes. Mine is a how to learn language and how to optimise your learning programme, rather than a dedicated German German course.

You will basically learn how to learn a language here, but in particular how to learn German specifically.

The first way to acquire language is for you to throw yourself into a country for perhaps 10 years, after which you will be speaking that language rather fluently. For, say, in the case of 5 years or less, you might speak a grammarless version of that target language with many mistakes, but you will definitely get by... if all you did was live in a country that spoke your target language and did not do any online research or online education, etc. You'd have a terrific accent, with rhythm and cadence, but little in the way of formal language.

The second way is more dedicated, intensive and far more effective. You will gain a real grammar, real vocabulary, and the rhythm and cadence of the language. You'd appear educated, and you would still have all the colloquial terms at your command too. This is the overview of the system that I will recommend.

0. Know why you're here, what you want to achieve, and how you're going to do it. I can only help you with "how to learn German" and "fast", and the goals and achievement level is entirely up to your own motivation and personal goals and inclinations, perhaps.

1. Learn the basics of grammar first. Yes, I might do a little bit with you to show you what I mean.

2. Learn the basic vocabulary.

3. Learn some quick start phrases.

4. Learn the advanced grammar and advanced vocabulary.

5. Do online courses, which can be paid online courses or even free online courses. I will show you which ones are good and which ones are not so good, and you can make your choices between free online courses and paid online/ e-book language courses.

6. Do some fun stuff ... that's where I have lots of tips that will make you wonder, why didn't I think of that before?

7. Finally, prepare for the examination or whatever it is you're doing.

8. You've learnt the language! Now you need to maintain.

These 8 tips (0 is a tip, but a background tip) will help you learn any language, like French and Spanish and even Mandarin, if you have the interest, but since this blog is about German, and the German language, you will find that the general tips that apply to learning all languages will also have specific examples, tips and tricks for German language websites and books.

In short: yes this blog is for tips on learning languages, and in particular the German language. All the tips can be applied to French and Spanish, and so on, but the specific references on this site apply to German culture, TV, books, online programmes and other programmes. I am not running any grammar courses, yet I feel that I am providing a more important service by pointing you in the right direction, to conserve your energies for optimal learning.

Cheers, and stay with me :)

HOW TO LEARN GERMAN FAST! Learn how to learn a language!

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