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How to Learn German: German Music

How to Learn German: German Music

Recently, I made a friend called Max Heyde in London, who happens to be a young German student here in England doing his Masters. I asked him many questions and would like to share some ideas here: assuming that you've come a long way in your language learning process, and can understand basic German and some grammar, with a nice little set of vocabulary, what fun things can you do with German?

One thing that I've advocated is learning German by using music. Unfortunately, I happen to be an intermediate learner, so the songs that I am going to recommend might not be for lower level readers at the moment. Max Heyde recommended:

Mia, Rammstein, Toten Hosen, Die Aertzte, Farin Urlaub, Culture Candela, and Peter Fox.

As I've said earlier, one good way of learning German is to listen to German music and take note of the lyrics, and perhaps sing along. That might be a useful way to learn German enjoyably.

Well, that was Max's recommendation; mine is probably more ridonculous, so if you're willing to learn German via youtube and all those online music sites, here goes:

Nena (who can forget 99 Luftballons?), Yvonne Catterfeld, Annett Louisan, Wir Sind Helden (most famous for the sounds coming out from the Fifa2008 football game on my PSP (I am referring to Endlich Ein Grund Zur Panik); well at least now you can guess or confirm how old I am at the moment!), and Disney songs translated into German.

Now, how does this have to do with learning German? It seems more like a fun activity to do that doesn't have anything to do with learning languages, but it actually does.

First, if you're interested in learning a language, music is one effective way especially if the song is a earworm, a word we borrowed from German (apparently, or so I am told).

Second, don't just listen to the words. Go get the lyrics from google, and that will help you learn German because you will see the words and hear the sounds. I have an article on memorisation and memory techniques, and you can find it on this site.

Third, this will help you sustain interest in German. Learning German can be fun when you actually like it, and listening to German words being sung would be really useful if you are looking at longer term goals of cementing the vocabulary you've learnt, or actually listening to how words are being pronounced, either mumbled or pronounced clearly. It's brilliantly interesting to do it this way, I figure! (Although this does not mean that there are not other ways of learning German that can be fun as well, naturally.)

Fourth, at the very least, you get to hear great music ranging from R&B to rock to pop, and you can get to hear German on a daily basis being sung by great nice voices, preferably by people you admire or like! :) In other words, do it just for the heck of doing it, and if it can help you with learning German you've benefited; if not, you still get the benefit of listening and enjoying yourself.

I can recommend more songs and singers to help you learn German, and those are coming up in the next article right here on How to Learn German Fast. Thanks for reading and cheers!

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Summary Page: How to Access Different Parts of this Site Effectively

Summary Page: How to Access Different Parts of this Site Effectively

OK, first up, I realise that most of the readers coming to this page might be new and so here are some suggestions on how to navigate this site to access the materials that I have written about.

First, on the right hand sidebar, you can access the different pages via the links/tags (Look At Me) and the shortcuts (Express German Links). That is one way of moving around most efficiently.

Secondly, I've included this quite convenient access page with all the links you will need:

A Summary of How to Learn German Fast - the system I recommend

Prepare for the German examination (if you are taking one)

How you maintain your German and where do you go from here? if you've been following the language learning system or a version of a language learning system, at least... :)

On memory and memorisation, part 6.5 actually (a really handy tool for learning languages)

Well, I hope those help! :) Hoffentlich.

Thirdly, I've also put up a "search within this site" google search, at the bottom third of the page, (Search Within "How to Learn German Fast"), and that might be really handy.

Thanks for reading and cheers!

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Hallo Alle, I am back! :)

Hallo Alle :)

OK, I realised I hadn't been blogging on How to Learn German Fast for a long time, on this site, where I was supposed to write and conjugate German verbs and stuff like that. I realised that I had put in a lot of effort writing tips and ideas on how to learn German, and then waddled off into different directions, giving verbs and all that kind of stuff which wasn't my intention initially. So I've decided to go back to basics - this is about how to learn German (as fast as possible, given the targets and the goals), and so I will be once again posting on that!

I was on a hill last week - in England, St Michael's hill near or in Glastonbury - when I bumped into a bunch of German schoolkids and their school teacher. I think people treat you rather nice when they find that you bothered to learn their language and speak to them in it. So the teacher chased the students away to get me a nice spot for a picture, all because I could say something, which I think is really dandy. 

Sind Sie Lehrerin? Aha machen Sie hier Urlaub (oder sowas)? Worked like a charm; I swear I only said two lines and she was very happy already. Throw in a couple of nice words like Austauchprogram und Sie sprechen ja fliessend Englisch and Bob's your uncle! :)

Yes, always remember to say Danke und Bitte. Very polite, and very good!

So to cut a long story short; I am going to continue blogging and putting this site right back on the right track - tips on how to learn German fast... and basically what I do to maintain my German language that I learnt all those years ago.

Thanks for reading and it's great to be back. Thanks to all the writers and readers who have written to me about this. Thanks friends!

Mit herzlichen Gruessen!

PS I will be removing the comments ability because of the recent spate of well ... nasty spam comments and fake advertising. Sorry to the really good readers who are interested in learning German and how to learn languages. Cheers!

How to learn German Fast! :) ... and basically you can apply these to other languages, I figure.

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