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Hallo Alle, I am back! :)

Hallo Alle :)

OK, I realised I hadn't been blogging on How to Learn German Fast for a long time, on this site, where I was supposed to write and conjugate German verbs and stuff like that. I realised that I had put in a lot of effort writing tips and ideas on how to learn German, and then waddled off into different directions, giving verbs and all that kind of stuff which wasn't my intention initially. So I've decided to go back to basics - this is about how to learn German (as fast as possible, given the targets and the goals), and so I will be once again posting on that!

I was on a hill last week - in England, St Michael's hill near or in Glastonbury - when I bumped into a bunch of German schoolkids and their school teacher. I think people treat you rather nice when they find that you bothered to learn their language and speak to them in it. So the teacher chased the students away to get me a nice spot for a picture, all because I could say something, which I think is really dandy. 

Sind Sie Lehrerin? Aha machen Sie hier Urlaub (oder sowas)? Worked like a charm; I swear I only said two lines and she was very happy already. Throw in a couple of nice words like Austauchprogram und Sie sprechen ja fliessend Englisch and Bob's your uncle! :)

Yes, always remember to say Danke und Bitte. Very polite, and very good!

So to cut a long story short; I am going to continue blogging and putting this site right back on the right track - tips on how to learn German fast... and basically what I do to maintain my German language that I learnt all those years ago.

Thanks for reading and it's great to be back. Thanks to all the writers and readers who have written to me about this. Thanks friends!

Mit herzlichen Gruessen!

PS I will be removing the comments ability because of the recent spate of well ... nasty spam comments and fake advertising. Sorry to the really good readers who are interested in learning German and how to learn languages. Cheers!

How to learn German Fast! :) ... and basically you can apply these to other languages, I figure.

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