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How to learn German fast - simple German phrases 2

How to learn German fast - simple German phrases 2

In the last post here on How to Learn German Fast, I gave some simple German phrases to do with Greetings in German, numbers in German, and days and months in German. Now, in the second part of the "simple German phrases" series, I introduce more important phrases in German to help you get a general idea of some more basic language phrases and structures in German. Bear in mind that this is a website mainly for learning how to learn a language learning system, and this language learning system specialises in how to learn German fast and effectively, while still enjoyably. If you want to learn a language learning system that enables you to learn German fast and enjoyably, my system is what I recommend and preach here on this site. My language learning system can be used to learn most languages, and is particularly effective for learning German fast and enjoyably in particular.

I must stress that what I teach here, in terms of German language phrases and words, does not replace your German courses. It is not enough to learn German just knowing a few words and phrases here and there. You should look around for additional German courses and additional German sites and language learning programmes if you are serious about picking up German, and you know your language learning goals and so on. Motivation, self actualisation, initiative and much more are all very much part of your own personal education and personal self development. For advanced and hardcore German learning in terms of technical terms and technical German at a high level or advanced language level, look around and research on other avenues of learning. If, however, you wish to know and learn some conversational German, my series of simple German phrases will assist you greatly and give you some basic understanding. Have fun in learning German and here are the basic German phrases for this post:

More basic German words and phrases, continued from the last post

German words and phrases for relationships and knowing people

Ich heisse...
I am called...

Frau/ Herr
Mrs or Miss/ Mr

Wie heissen Sie?
What is your name?

Wie heisst Du?
What is your name (informal)?

Wie geht es Ihnen? Wie geht es Dir?
How are you? (formal and informal German)

Ich komme aus ...
I come from ...

Australien/ Europa/ Grossbritannien/ die USA/ Singapur/ China/ Japan
Australia, Europe, the UK, the USA, Singapore, China, Japan

Ich bin ___ Jahre alt.
I am ___ years old.

Wann haben Sie Geburtstag? Wann hast du Geburtstag?
When is your birthday?

Ich bin in _______ geboren.
I was born in ________.

Sind Sie verheiratet? Sind Sie single?
Are you married? Are you single?

Ich mag _________
I like/ enjoy doing ______________

Fussball/ Tennis/ Sport/ Klavier spielen, und so weiter
Football, tennis, sport, playing the piano, and so on

Colours in the German language

weiss white
schwarz black
rot red
gelb yellow
blau blue
grau grey
orange orange
braun brown
hell light
dunkel dark
hellblau light blue

Question words in the German language

Wo where?
Wann when?
Warum why?
Was what?
Wer who?
Wie how?
Wieviel how much?

The weather in German - basic German weather words and phrases

Es ist sonnig
It is sunny

Es ist kalt
It is cold

Es ist heiss
It is hot

Es regnet
It rains

Es ist windig
It is windy

Es ist neblig
It is foggy

Das Wetter
the weather

Remember to refresh your memory and re read the previous post with other basic words and phrases that you need to learn and know. Bear in mind that learning a language involves repetition, revision, recitation, overlearning and other principles of learning that have been already covered in this language blog. In the next post on How to Learn German Fast, I will do more advanced phrases involving shopping, getting around and the key skills and ideas that need to be learnt while learning any language, German included. Stay tuned for more German phrases and German language learning here!

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