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How to learn German fast - simple German phrases 1

How to learn German fast - simple German phrases 1

In this site, I teach how to learn German fast and effectively using a system to learn languages. A simple glance around will see many articles on language learning, memorisation, German language skills, tips and ideas, and the like. This language learning system can be effectively applied to learning any language, and here is the link that you should be visiting here, if you want to have an overview of an effective language learning system that helps you learn German fast and enjoyably:

I have a travel blog called Tour and See the World, and I have visited Germany already. There are several requests for German tips, German travel tips, German culture and German language tips and the like, and so I have decided to give a series here on How to Learn German Fast on simple German phrases that most travellers and language learners should know. For beginners, this might be quite tough, but try your very best to learn. For intermediate language learners, this might be relatively easy, but do take it as revision, and besides overlearning is one of the key principles of language learning. For advanced German language learners, you may actually skip this section and instead review and revise the language learning system that I advocate here on this site.

Simple German phrases that you need to know (German - English)

NB The German language is pronounced exactly as the words are spelt, so with a basic command of the German language alphabet, one is able to pronounce almost anything that is German. It is really that simple, and the hardest aspect of the learning is learning the sounds of the alphabet at first.

Greetings and Simple phrases in German:

Guten Tag! Guten Morgen! Guten Abend! Gute Nacht!
Good day! Good morning! Good evening! Good night!

Es tut mir Leid.
I am sorry.

Entschuldigung/ Entschuldigen Sie!
Excuse me!

Wie geht es Ihnen? Wie geht's dir?
How are you (formal and informal)?


Please and welcome.

Hence: "Danke!" and you answer "Bitte."

Ich verstehe nicht.
I cannot understand.

Ich kann ein bisschen Deutsch.
I know a bit of German.

Ich weiss nicht.
I don't know.

Ja/ Nein
Yes/ No

German numbers and numerals:
eins 1
zwei 2
drei 3
vier 4
funf (there is an umlaut above the U) 5
sechs 6
sieben 7
acht 8
neun 9
zehn 10
elf 11
zwolf (there is an umlaut above the O) 12
dreizehn 13
vierzehn 14
funfzehn (there is an umlaut above the U) 15
sechszehn 16
siebzehn 17
achtzehn 18
neunzehn 19
zwanzig 20

German language: Days of the week

German language: Months of the year
das Jahr the year
der Monat the month

More to come on German words and German phrases in the next post in How to learn German fast! I am having a series on German quick start phrases and simple German phrases and this is only the first post on this series. More will come soon.

Do remember to look around this language learning site and read all about my German language learning system, and learn for yourself how to learn a language effectively and enjoyably here. Thank you.

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