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How to Learn German Fast - Replies to Some Comments on TestDaF :)

How to Learn German Fast - Replies to Some Comments on TestDaF :)

Hello my dear friends, readers, neighbours, students, German Society members, and passerbys!

I am sorry that I have not been posting the new verbs and vocabulary lists that I promised, as I have been very busy. I am sorry! However, as this is more important, here goes:

Replies to Comments And Questions About the TestDaF (Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache)
For your convenience, and also since those who asked nice questions need nice answers, here they are:

Ich habe mein ZD mit "sehr gut" bestanden. Ist TestDaF viel schwieriger als ZD? Wie kann ich es vorbereiten? Jetzt lerne ich selbst.Vielen Dank im Voraus!

Hallo!! Eigentlich weiss ich wirklich nicht, ob ZD einfacher ist oder nicht. Aber ich habe Freunde - sie sagen, dass TestDaf schwerer ist. Vielleicht viel' Uebung, meine Tipps benutzen, und naturlich viel lesen, hoeren und schreiben.

Good luck! Ich meine, I think that you should be fine since you obviously write German quite well, or even better than me :)

I'd say you can read the stuff on my blog all you want, but it's best that you apply basic principles of learning. Good luck, friend :) All the best!

I hope that answers the query and I certainly hope that I didn't reply it too late. Viel Glueck! Ich meine, ich hab' einmal gehoert: ohne fleiss, kein Preis (oder sowas, etwas aehnlich). Hoffentlich schaffst du es :)

Hi dude

I want to take TestDaf as well, and found your tips very useful.
But can you tell me where can I find listening and reading resources.
Is that really true that TestDaf is not really concentrated on grammar?

Thanks for the comments. Yes, the Testdaf is mainly language use and isn't about grammar, so you will be alright as long as you have a basic grasp of German grammar. They won't really hurt you if your grammar is bad, as long as you can speak and write German. However, it goes without saying that you need to know the basics and can operate well in German.

You can find all sorts of listening and reading sources on my site; just use the righthand sidebar, because I've written about youtube and Der Spiegel Online and Angela Merkel stuff, as all that can help you in your exams.

Cheers! All the best :)

My name is Luciana and I´m preparing myself to take the Test DAF in June in Brazil. Can you tell me please how could I also receive my examination results per e-mail?

Hallo Luciana,

Keine Sorge! OK, I'm not sure how the Testdaf works in Brazil but I guess that it works the same as in Singapore.

You will receive your exam results from the Goethe Institut, so I guess that there must be a branch in Brazil. You can request for an email notification, but rest assured you will also get a certificate of your success at the Testdaf.

I hope that helps :) Other suggestions:
1. You can ask your German lecturer, if he/she works part time at the testing centre (sometimes Goethe, sometimes University).

2. You can go to the testdaf website to check it out?

All the best! Viel Glueck und alles Gute

Ich werde den TestDaf am 10. Februar schreiben und bin so aufgeregt. Mein Problem ist, dass man nicht so viele Quelle auf Internet finden kann. Ich mache mir Sorgen besonders um den M√ľndlicher Ausdruck Teil. Ich habe fast keine Idee wie man eine Grafik beschreibt.

Any Suggestions?

Man kann viele Quelle auf dem Internet finden, vielleicht Der Spiegel (fuer Nachrichten), TestDaf Practice Examen und so weiter.

Mach' dir bitte keine Sorge! Haha fuer muendliche Pruefungen -

1. Man muss klar und deutlich sprechen
2. Man muss Konjunktionen benutzen - (at least, I think the examiners loved it since they gave me a good grade...)
3. Man soll viel ueben.
4. Vielleicht ein Partner finden, zum Beispiel ein Klassenkamerad?

Eigentlich finde ich, dass du sehr fliessend Deutsch schreiben kannst. Better than me, I'm sure.

Viel Glueck beim Test! :)

I missed out the second part,about describing Graphics and Diagrams. My mistake!

This might sound too easy or wrong, but it's true - just learn how to say "It is an increasing trend" or "it is increasing" or "it is decreasing". In fact, the most marks are given still - apparently - for 1. clear German with correct pronunciation, 2. lots of conjunctions and connections between sentences, and 3. practised answers. I hope that answers the question.

To all my readers, thanks for your continued support for my How to Learn German Fast site, where I teach how to learn languages in general and how to learn German in particular. Thank you for your kind comments and for your generous support.

Thanks and cheers,

How to Learn German Fast! - my language learning site.

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