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How to learn German fast - key verbs conjugated, part 2

How to learn German fast - key verbs conjugated, part 2

Here on my How to learn German fast and efficiently site, I am doing a series on conjugating German verbs. Having conjugated the most important German verbs SEIN und HABEN, I shall now give the other important German verbs, but not conjugate them in the way that I did the other time. I will do the present tense, past tense and the PII, the same way as most other textbooks or reference guides. The point is so that you can learn German not just by memorisng alone but by learning key points and key ideas.

There are many ways of learning German and one way of learning German verbs effectively is to note that there are rules and commonalities in the way the verbs are conjugated. That is, one can learn German when one notes that the ways in which the verbs change are sometimes regular, and sometimes irregular. In addition, some of the German irregular verbs have... wait for it... regular methods of conjugation. That's the key point of this post.

Therefore: analyse and have a good hard look here at the various examples given...

I will conjugate these German verbs: GEHEN, FAHREN, KOMMEN

GEHEN (always in this order - present tense, past tense, and then perfect tense)

Ich gehe, er/sie/es geht,

Ich ging, er/sie/ es ging,

ist gegangen


Ich fahre, du fährst, er/sie/ es fährt

Ich fuhr, er/sie/es fuhr

ist gefahren


Ich kommen, er/sie/es kommt

Ich kam, er/sie/es kam

ist gekommen

In this case, the rest of the conjugation are:

past tense:

du kamst

wir kamen

ihr kamt

sie kamen

Do you see what I mean? To learn German verbs and conjugate them beautifully, it is key to note that there are regularities in the verbs - st, en, t, and en. This can be seen by reference to sein and haben as well.

Do remember to observe, learn and memorise the verbs, but also learn German by using the regularities within the word conjugations. Have fun observing and taking notes, and there will be more word lists to come in future posts on conjugating German verbs. Stay tuned, thanks!

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