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How to learn German fast - key verbs conjugated : SEIN, HABEN

How to learn German fast - key verbs conjugated : SEIN, HABEN

Small Note: Recently I have become more "famous" and there are many new visitors who are following my language learning blog! Thank you for your support and kind readership. I sincerely hope that the tips, ideas, plans and German language support help that I provide will help you realise your goals of learning German fast and efficiently, and to your own satisfaction. Thank you for your kind support! Danke!

This series here on my language learning site will be on key verbs conjugated - for easy reference in your German language learning.

(to be and to have)

ich bin
du bist
er/sie/es ist
wir sind
ihr seid
sie sind

ich war
du warst
er/sie/es war
wir waren
ihr wart
sie waren

ich bin gewesen (Perfekt or PII tense)

ich habe
du hast
er/sie/es hat
wir haben
ihr habt
sie haben

ich hatte
du hattest
er/sie/es hatte
wir hatten
ihr hattet ? (probably unused - grammatical only?)
sie hatten

ich habe gehabt (PII)

Note: this is a very important German language note - sein and haben are going to be very important key verbs in learning this language, or for that matter, to be and to have are very important key verbs in learning any Indo-European languages.

Second Note:
Ich habe _____ is the common phrase for perfect tenses, or Partizip II, in German.
It's like: I have done, I have gone, etc.

Ich bin ______ is also similar, and it seems to be : I am / I have in English.

The key is that sein + partizip II is used for movement/ change in state.
Ich bin gegangen.
Ich bin gefahren.

More verbs to come, as well as verb lists and other important language assists here on my language site. Stay positive and remember to do a lot of revision - the sidebar on the right of this site should help you with all the resources and also the key point of this site:
A System of Language Learning on How to Learn German Fast and Efficiently!


Learn how to learn a language! :)

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