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How to learn German fast - key verbs conjugated, part 5

How to learn German fast - key verbs conjugated, part 5

In this series on How To Learn German Fast, we look at the various verbs and memorise and learn them. Here are more German verbs for your German language learning as well as your educational reference, and I have adapted these educational materials from the Teach Yourself series as well as Berlitz. You may wish to buy these books or gather such materials to assist your language learning and these books can be a great reference whenever you want to look up new German words, although admittedly you can refer to online dictionaries and German wordlists and conjugation lists online nowadays. However, I still prefer German language books, an irony considering the fact that I am using a computer! :)

The following German verbs, starting with the letter D, will be conjugated in this post:

danken - to thank
dauern - to last
denken - to think
duerfen - to allow, to be permitted to do something, etc

Note: There are no letter C words in the series of German verb conjugations here, because my reference book, in particular the German Teach Yourself series, does not have any German verbs for the letter C. This of course does not mean that there are no German verbs starting with the letter C, but this means that there are no common and "user-friendly" verbs starting with the letter C. I can only think of one word off hand and that's "charakterisieren", but that doesn't seem very ordinary! Anyways, this post will deal with the most common and useful German verbs starting with the letter D.

Here are the conjugated German verbs for your learning and ease of reference:

danken - to thank
ich danke
du dankst
er/es/sie dankt
wir danken
ihr dankt
sie/Sie danken

ich dankte
ich habe gedankt
ich hatte gedankt
ich werde danken
ich werde gedankt haben

dauern - to last
er/sie/es dauert
sie dauern

er/sie/es dauerte
er/sie/es hat gedauert
er/sie/es hatte gedauert
er/sie/es wird dauern
er/sie/es werden gedauert haben

denken - to think
ich denke
du denkst
er/sie/es denkt
wir denken
ihr denkt
sie/Sie denken

duerfen - to allow, to be permitted to do something, etc
this is a modal verb and as I have said before here on my language learning blog, this is very important in German as well in any other European language...

ich darf
du darfst
er/sie/es darf
wir duerfen
ihr duerft
sie/Sie duerfen

ich durfte
ich habe gedurft
ich hatte gedurft
ich werde duerfen
ich werde gedurft haben

More German verbs to come here on my German and language learning site, How to Learn German Fast. Thanks for staying here with me, and cheers.

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